Friday, March 15, 2013

Review: Ravenna Community Fish Fry

Last week we made the 40 (40!) minute drive out to Ravenna for one very important reason: we had to see Gene Helsen's fish breading machine. And that, we did.

Check out this video of the machine in action!

The fish are placed on the hooks by a volunteer, then they travel into the first chamber, which coats them in flour. It's like a tiny flour tornado in there. After that they are dipped in batter and go into the second chamber which coats them in breading. Gene said it took him a year to build the contraption at home, and they've been getting positive feedback ever since. "People say the fish tastes better now because there's less breading and you can taste the fish more," Gene told us.

We agree. The Ravenna Community Fish Fry, which is held at St. Catherine's Hall and is hosted by a different group each Friday serves up some good fried perch. No baked fish here people, because obviously you wouldn't need a breading machine for that. The sides are pretty standard: french fries or baked potato, cole slaw, green beans, garlic bread, and desert. This is not an all-you-can-eat event, but my portion was plenty. Beverages offered are water, fruit punch, and coffee. We brought along some Founders Centennial IPA.

We had a great time. Thank you Ravenna Senior Parents and thank you to Gene for taking us behind the scenes to see his amazing invention!!

Ravenna Community Fish Fry
3381 Thomas St
Ravenna, MI 49451

Arrival time:
Wait: <5 minutes
Parking Lot (You guys, we parked on dirt. It's the country.)
Cost: $10.00 for Adults, $5.00 for Children 5-12, Free for Children under 5
Take-out: Yes
Tables: Long cafeteria style

Would we go back? The only reason we wouldn't is the drive.

Tonight we return to Blessed Sacrament like the prodigal son. We'd love if you came too!

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