Friday, March 22, 2013

Review: Blessed Sacrament

Hey all, it's the last Friday for Fish Frys and we're feeling bittersweet. On one hand, it's another chapter of our lives past, and after today we'll have to wait a whole year before we can stuff our faces with fish in church gymnasiums again. On the other hand spring is coming (so we're told) and we're craving fresh veggies, sunshine, and a run. But all that aside, let's talk about last week's visit to our reigning number one favorite Fish Fry: Blessed Sacrament.

Blessed Sacrament is killing it you guys. Going back, I was a little afraid of being let down. Like, maybe I remembered it was better than it was, or last year was a fluke. Either way, all of the just-okay Fish Frys this year had me feeling like there was no way Blessed Sacrament could really be as awesome as I remembered. Boy was I wrong. Blessed Sacrament knows what they're doing, I mean their fish game is tight. It's Cod you guys. Cod. I mean Whitefish, and Pollock, and Perch are fine, but Cod? Cod rules. I understand why it's not used often, it's way more expensive than those other fishes, but thank you Blessed Sacrament for knowing when to splurge on good fish.

This photos aren't the best (yeah iPhone 4) but check out that crispy breading… This isn't an all-you-can-eat event, but some nice volunteers did come around and offer us extras from the kitchen. Not that I needed them, I was stuffed. Like, uncomfortably full. Not only that, but I still felt full going to bed that night. Not that I vouch for eating to the point of illness (although sometimes I do) but my point is that you won't be left wanting.

Our non-fish-eating (don't ask me) friends were happy to have pasta and breadsticks to eat and the salad bar is a nice addition. All you need to know is everything here is good. We shared a 312 Bourbon County Stout, which is a CRAZY beer you guys. I like boozy beers, but wow, this one was too much for me. Chris and the other guys liked it a lot though, I think it's a pretty special beer.

Tonight we'll be capping off the season with a visit to the Knights of Columbus on Muskegon Ave.

Blessed Sacrament
2275 Diamond Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505

Arrival time:
Wait: <10 minutes
Parking Lot
Cost: adult fish $8.00; adult pasta $6.00; children’s dinner (ages 4-12) $4.00; 3 and under are free
Take-out: Yes
Tables: Long cafeteria style

Would we go back? You know it!

Ok, for real one criticism though. If anyone at Blessed Sacrament reads this, PLEASE do not post your Fish Fry flyer as a .pub file. PDF would be the way to go on this one.

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