Friday, March 19, 2010

St. Al's

This Friday (March 19): 
St. Alphonsus
205 Carrier N.E., near Leonard and Plainfield
held in the school gym

Parking is challenging so plan accordingly ...

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Last week's destination: St. Isadore's

St. Isadore
technically, the address is 628 Diamond NE, but the fish fry is held in the former St. Isadore School gymnasium, on Burke
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

We'll be there around 5:30 ...

Looking forward to their great macaroni & cheese!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hey Jude

St. Jude's
1120 4 Mile, N.E.
Grand Rapids 49525

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Date of visit: March 5

Parking: ample, church and school parking lot available

Cost: $8/adult

Wait: About 5 minutes around 5:30; longer between 5:30 and 6. 

Tables: round tables with chairs

No gambling opportunities

    great onion rings (but you had to get there early)
    baked was exceptionally tasty, fried nothing to complain about
    dessert included

The dining room at St. Jude's was probably the most pleasant we've had the opportunity to enjoy. The late afternoon sun streamed through the west facing windows, unlike the usual window-less gymnasiums where most of the FFs are held. Although usually it doesn't matter because usually it's cloudy. But this Friday was one of those rare, celebrated sunny days.

While the attendants didn't have snappy aprons like the folks at Blessed Sacrament, or the fabulous fish hats at St. Al's, they were friendly and plentiful. We were asked often if we needed more coffee when the "coffee" (some leftover brews from the previous week and a nice spiced pumpkin ale)  in our styrofoam cups was running low. 

Those of us who arrived on the early side were able to enjoy onion rings reminiscent of the great ones Mr. Fables served. They were a bit too greasy; onion rings are a delicate balancing act. The latecomers had to settle for french fries. Rolls, cole slaw, and tiny (but probably right-sized) desserts rounded out the menu.

It was appropriate that we went to St. Jude's the week after Blessed Sacrament, because both are part of All Saint's Academy. St. Jude's houses the middle school grades.

Would we return? Most certainly.

Last minute switch

Blessed Sacrament
2233 Diamond, N.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
north of Knapp, between Fuller and Plainfield

Date of visit: February 26

Parking: school parking lot, street parking, fairly easy despite the snow

Cost: $7.50/adult; seconds, $1

Wait: About 7 minutes before the 5:45 rush; twice that during the rush hour. They provide entertainment while you're in the queue, so the wait goes quickly

Tables: banquet tables with chairs

No gambling opportunities!

    exceptionally efficient operation
    both baked and fried fish about equally tasty
    stylish aprons

Going to Blessed Sacrament was a last-minute decision; earlier we had decided on Holy Trinity, but the weather outside was frightful and we thought it would be more delightful to not drive practically to Sparta for our Friday fish fix. So apologies to anyone who went to HT and wondered where we were. We were in NE GR, dining on BS's delicious dinner.

Not much changed since our last report on BS's fish fry, other than being allowed to have some each of the fried and baked fish and the $1 charge for seconds. They have a very streamlined operation at BS. When you purchase your meal, you’re asked: baked or fried fish (cod), baked potato or French fries, applesauce or cole slaw. You’re then handed a slip of paper with your choices highlighted, and give that to the kitchen worker who quickly presents you with a tray holding a plate containing your choices. Then you enter the gym, where you pick up cutlery, a lettuce salad, roll, condiments, and beverage (except the five of us enjoyed Coor's Full Moon and Dogfish brewery's Raison D'Etre). We missed the Boy Scouts who handily bussed tables during our previous visits, but the aproned crew performed their tasks handily.

The ubiquitous dessert table had a mix of home-made and store-bought treats. Better to spend the calories on another brew than take chances on something that may have come out of a box. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let's go fishing!

The first Friday of Lent is February 19, and it's clear what's on the menu: fish!

Unfortunately due to work and family obligations on the other side of the state, your ordinarily cheerful correspondent does not anticipate being able to provide the kind of reviews she has in the past. However, I would like to at the least provide a list of fish fries.

If you know of a Friday fish fry sponsored by a church, school, or other nonprofit (no restaurants), please send me the following information:
  • Name of sponsoring organization
  • location (include address and nearest landmarks)
  • time
  • cost (adult, child, and senior)
  • what the meal includes
  • the parking situation (i.e., challenging, annoying, perfect)
  • any other relevant information
Thanks for your help, and hope to see you at a fish fry one of these Fridays!