Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Last minute switch

Blessed Sacrament
2233 Diamond, N.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
north of Knapp, between Fuller and Plainfield

Date of visit: February 26

Parking: school parking lot, street parking, fairly easy despite the snow

Cost: $7.50/adult; seconds, $1

Wait: About 7 minutes before the 5:45 rush; twice that during the rush hour. They provide entertainment while you're in the queue, so the wait goes quickly

Tables: banquet tables with chairs

No gambling opportunities!

    exceptionally efficient operation
    both baked and fried fish about equally tasty
    stylish aprons

Going to Blessed Sacrament was a last-minute decision; earlier we had decided on Holy Trinity, but the weather outside was frightful and we thought it would be more delightful to not drive practically to Sparta for our Friday fish fix. So apologies to anyone who went to HT and wondered where we were. We were in NE GR, dining on BS's delicious dinner.

Not much changed since our last report on BS's fish fry, other than being allowed to have some each of the fried and baked fish and the $1 charge for seconds. They have a very streamlined operation at BS. When you purchase your meal, you’re asked: baked or fried fish (cod), baked potato or French fries, applesauce or cole slaw. You’re then handed a slip of paper with your choices highlighted, and give that to the kitchen worker who quickly presents you with a tray holding a plate containing your choices. Then you enter the gym, where you pick up cutlery, a lettuce salad, roll, condiments, and beverage (except the five of us enjoyed Coor's Full Moon and Dogfish brewery's Raison D'Etre). We missed the Boy Scouts who handily bussed tables during our previous visits, but the aproned crew performed their tasks handily.

The ubiquitous dessert table had a mix of home-made and store-bought treats. Better to spend the calories on another brew than take chances on something that may have come out of a box. 

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Margaret Malenka said...

As far as you know, is this the only place that charges for seconds? I hope this is not a new trend!