Friday, April 6, 2012

St. James

Last Friday we visited an old stand-by, the west side parish St. James. The first thing we
noticed was the catering truck in the parking lot. Unlike most volunteer-run frys, James
sources theirs out to the professionals.

We arrived at out destination around 6pm and were met with a manageable wait of 15 to 20
minutes. We had a large group but upon entering the gymateria comprised of round table
with chairs, we were able to acquire an entire table for ourselves with out much hassle.

After paying an entry fee of $8.50 for adults and $4.50 for Children one is met with plates,
trays and a two-sided buffet line. St. James does a great job of providing ample sides and
good fish. Not only are the staples of coleslaw, macaroni and cheese and french fries available
but they go the extra mile to provide garlic butter texas toast, applesauce and delicious red
skin potatoes.

The Pollock served is quite delicious if not to the level of this years favorites Blessed Sacrament
and St. Alphonsus. I’m quite sure the fried was the favorite or our group but the baked was
a nice alternative and prepared well. By the time we were ready for seconds on fish the fry
was winding down and there was not a lot left, but generally the fish is abundant and sides
perpetually stocked at this well-oiled fish fry.

We enjoyed Breckenridge brewery’s Amber Ale with our meal and it paired very nicely.
As always there is a dessert table, this one being donation based, and the obligatory 50/50 raffle
for those wishing to gamble.

St. James Catholic Church
733 Bridge Street Northwest
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Arrival time: 6pm
Wait: 10-15 minutes
Parking: Large parking lot
Cost: $8.50 for adults, $6.50 for seniors (60 and over),  children 5-12 $4.50, 4 and under FREE.
Take-out: Available
Tables: Round


Anonymous said...

Maybe at the next fish fry you can have them play Owl City over the intercom so you can have a hipster dance party. Drinking beer should not be a part of this tradition. This is supposed to be about sacrifice - eating fish instead of meat.

Anonymous said...

No wonder the Pope resigned.

Kelly O'Hara said...

This blog is not about religious beliefs or how individuals choose to honor the tradition of lent. It is also not about attacking individuals. We love that people comment to share their opinions, but please keep all religious discussion aside.

We do not associate with an church or religion, but we do enjoy a good fish dinner and can feel good when the cost is going toward some of these great organizations.

Maybe if you see us at a Fish Fry you can come up and say hello.

Anonymous said...

...VERY MUCH enjoy this blog! ?....exept, now I'm hungry.... can't wait 'till good Friday....