Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Happy Ash Wednesday little fish lovers. By now your paczki high has worn off and you've already broken at least one lenten promise. But fear not. Soon it will be time to wipe that soot from your brow, put your elastic pants on, and head down to your local Fish Fry.

We've decided to make 2014 a "best of" tour, because after all YOFFDL (you only fish fry during lent). Over the past two years, we've done our best to highlight some new and unexpected locations, but this year it's all about the top Fish Frys in the Grand Rapids area. We hope you'll join us each Friday as we sample some of our favorite spots and see who lives up to the hype.

This Friday we'll be at St. James of the Tried and True. Oh, and if you still haven't decided what to give up yet, take this quiz and you're all set.