Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Father, the Son, and the Mighty Condors

Holy Trinity
1200 Alpine Church Road, N.W., west of Alpine
held in the school gym

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Date of visit: March 7

Parking: church parking lot, easy

Cost: $7.50 for adults

Wait: About 15 minutes (arrived around 6:20)

Tables: banquet tables with chairs

Gambling opportunities: 50/50 raffle and a drawing for a free dinner at next week's fish fry--and one of us won!

High points:

  • served baked potato halves -- great idea!
  • "real" cutlery
  • cole slaw, while no doubt out of a carton, was rather tasty
  • baked fish quite good
  • beverages located on tables
A frosty late winter sunset over the fruit ridge greeted us as we pulled into HoT's parking lot. We used our noses to find the location for the dinner, and apparently got there just in time because shortly after we sat down to eat, we learned that they ran out of fried fish. No problem for us, though, as the servings were ample and the baked fish was worth getting seconds.

Macaroni and cheese was served along with French fries, the aforementioned baked potato halves, cole slaw, and bread. While not bad, there's no contest in the mac & cheese division; St. Isadore's remains the best so far this year. However, the cole slaw was quite good. Baked potatoes were a tiny bit underdone, and French fries average. Didn't have the bread or dessert. While in the queue we spied some peanut butter cookies with the Hershey kisses on top in the kitchen, but they never made an appearance on the dessert table (conveniently located behind us). Maybe they were hanging onto them for the kitchen crew, who looked exhausted as we passed by.

We had no problem enjoying our beverage of choice, this week Bell's Winter White ale--a perfect accompaniment to pollock on a Friday evening.

Would we return? Maybe, if we were in the neighborhood. As we have other fish to fry next week, the member of our party who won the free dinner for next week gave it to a family sitting nearby.

Area for improvement: group the tables differently so they are in groups of three, rather than long rows of six. Also, the lack of artwork was disappointing.

the reason for the season

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