Friday, February 29, 2008


St. Alphonsus
205 Carrier N.E., near Leonard and Plainfield
held in the school gym
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Dates of visits: February 8 (take out), February 29 (eat-in)

Parking: parking lot or on street; somewhat challenging

Cost: $7.75 for adults

Wait: 15 minutes at around 6:15 p.m. for eating there; no wait for take out

Tables: had to sit at one of those annoying lunch tables with the seats attached, but the 8 of us were able to sit together

Gambling opportunities: 50/50 raffle


  • wonderful walleye
  • baked potatoes
  • cudos for using reusable plates and cutlery
  • Coca Cola products (instead of the mystery fluids often served at these things)
  • servers' cool fish hats
It's so good that we had to go to St. Alphonsus twice. St. Al's is renown for its walleye, and rightfully so. It seems there's always a line, but they're so good at this that it moves quickly and everyone is friendly. It was no problem for the last two of us to get in line with the others, rather than going to the end of the queue. The servers wore stylish fish hats, which added to the festive atmosphere. There were the requisite number of kids running around, but we did not notice a priest in attendance.

Both the baked and fried fish were exceptional, with the baked ranked just a tad higher than the fried. Seemed the sweetness of the fish came through more with the baked. Reports are that the french fries were great, and I had no complaint with my baked potato; it was moist and thoroughly cooked.

We were able to enjoy the beverages we brought, but it wasn't as easy to pour them into cups as it was at St. Izzy's. Plus, the cups were those very flimsy paper ones. Environmentally more sound but not as sturdy as the guilt-inducing styrofoam. One of our party shared with us that a church in Caledonia has a keg at their fish dinner; we'll have to add that to the list for next year.

St. Al's school, as well as St. Isadore's, will close at the end of this school year. They and some other Catholic schools are consolidating, and a new school will be established at the current Blessed Sacrament school (which will be our final destination this year, since they serve on Good Friday). Artwork containing the theme of the school closing decorated the walls near where we sat. Some was rather poignant. It was nice, but no competition for the eyes of Jesus.

Cole slaw was available as a side dish, as were rolls. They were okay, but nothing to write home about. I was told that the desserts--mostly cakes and brownies--were good.

Would we return? Definitely. Walleye! Need I say more?

Area for improvement: cole slaw

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