Friday, February 29, 2008

Possibly the best M & C west of the Clarkston Union Grill?

St. Isadore
625 Spring N.E., not far from I196 and Fuller.
held in the school gym
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Date of visit: February 22

Parking: parking lot or on street, not a problem

Cost: $7.50 for adults

Wait: less than 10 minutes at 6:15

Tables: we were able to get a table for our entire group

Gambling opportunities: 50/50 raffle

Styrofoam plates and plastic cutlery


  • fabulous macaroni and cheese
  • "Jesus' eyes are watching you" artwork on south wall
  • embroidered aprons for "fish fry 2008"

We were blown away by the incredible macaroni and cheese that accompanied St. Izzy's tasty, but unidentified, fish. We were told the mac and cheese was completely home made, and it tasted like it. Positively yummy; worth a return trip.

We got in line around 6:15, and it moved smoothly. The food was served at the kitchen window, rather than having a buffet. I think it helped immensely with quality control.

We also had no problem bringing our own beverages, although their attentive volunteers kept asking if they could fill up our coffee cups.

Extra points for St. Izzy's for having a priest in the kitchen cooking, some cool aprons for lenten fish fry 2008, and all-around pleasant atmosphere. Also, some extraordinary art work. I never knew Jesus had eyes like Timothy Leary.

Would we return: yes

Area for improvement: hardly any; French fries weren't too exciting, but still okay.

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