Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Our house is in full Mardi Gras swing tonight as we celebrate the last day before Lent. We made a big pot of Jambalaya (recipe here) and made our Polish grandmas proud by smashing gooey, sugary paczkis from Schnitz Bakery into our faces.

Even though we are stuffed full of andouille and shrimp, our mouths are already watering thinking about a big plate of fish and chips! We are planning out our schedule for this Lent and we're really excited to visit some new Fish Frys and tell you about them. Our goal is to have each week's review be a Fish Fry we've never been to before. We will be saving one Friday to revisit a past favorite (can't wait!).

We're going to start this Friday at the Polish National Aid Society. We're looking forward to their $8 all-you-can eat Alaskan Whitefish. This will be our first non-church fish fry, and we have high hopes. We hope to see you there too!


Rebeckah said...

That jambalaya looks great! That is cool that you are branching into new territory with fish fry locations.

Lindsay said...

Can't wait to read your incredible reviews this year. Love the new site design also!

Valeria said...

Fabulous new design, fellow fish lovers! Don't know if we'll make it to tonight's fry but will definitely try to join you for at least one this season.

Kelly O'Hara said...

Val, that would be so fun!