Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Correction: St. James

Good morning! We hope you're staying warm this cold winter day. We're sipping some hot coffee and counting down the days till Friday.

But first, we'd like to make a correction. In last year's St. James review,  we stated that the church has their fish fry catered. Mary Swidwa, a 23-year veteran volunteer wrote to correct us. Mary writes:

"A catering business is run out of the kitchen (that is why you saw the catering truck) however we do NOT hire this catering business to cater our fish. We cook it all ourselves the night of the fish fry. We are volunteers (most of us attend St James ) that work this fish fry."

Our apologies to all the hard working volunteers at St. James for this mistake. We also hear St. James is looking for volunteers this year, so if you're curious what it's like behind the scenes at a Fish Fry, give them a call at 616-458-3065.

And check back tomorrow for our review of the Polish National Aid Society! 

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