Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fishing season is over, but ...

Thank you, anonymous, for providing the heads up regarding Blessed Sacrament's fish fry. As confirmed by phone, they're not having a fish fry this Friday. They did have a fish fry last year on Good Friday, but felt they didn't have the volume to justify the effort to do it this year. Consequently, the Lenten fishing season at Grand Rapids area Catholic parishes is over.

And quite frankly, the novelty for us wore off. While we enjoyed the various fish fries, partaking in the communities, hedging our bets with the 50/50 raffles, and smuggling in our beer, there are other things to do in Grand Rapids on a Friday evening. Maybe we should consider refocusing this blog to other fish to fry and explore inexpensive or no-cost things to do in the area. Any thoughts?

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Margaret Malenka said...

I think that's a good idea. We can still attend a fish fry now and then during Lent, but there are so many free or nearly free things to do during spring and summer in GR!