Sunday, April 5, 2009

Better late than never: St. James review

St. James

733 Bridge N.W., just west of downtown
held in the (former school) gym
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Date of visit: March 13, 2009

Beer-battered Pollock
Baked Lemon-Peppered Pollock
Seasoned Fries
Macaroni & Cheese
Cole Slaw
Garlic Toast
Lemonade/Fruit Punch/Iced Tea & Coffee
Cookies - 5 for $1.00

Parking and lines - parking a challenge; lineup of ticket purchasers was still "out the door" at 6:20 pm. 

Our experience at St. James was markedly improved over 2008.  We had great fish, both fried and baked, but we preferred the fried  (don't we always?).  Redskins and fries were both very good, and it's nice to have the redskins as an alternative.  Fries were nice and HOT.  Can I say again, the fried pollock was delicious!!

There was a special "no waiting" table for getting seconds.  However, food moves off this table a little more slowly, so it's not quite as hot and crispy as the original.  Mac 'n Cheese -- you're not missing anything -- save room for the fish and potatoes.

Highlights unique to St. James:

  • Roy Schmidt bussing tables
  • Decor -- Mosaic-style painted crucifix, reminiscent of Orthodox iconic painting
  • Homemade cookies looked delicious but we had no room after all the good fish.

Would we go back?  We sure would.

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Karen said...

I'm glad your experience at St. James was a good one. This is usually (along with St. Al's) one of our favorites. However when we went on March 20th, the fried fish was VERY greasy. We agree that the redskins were enjoyable and a welcomed variation of the usual. We weren't excited about the mac & cheese either. We will return to this one next year!