Wednesday, March 4, 2009

St. Paul(i)

St. Paul the Apostle

2750 Burton, S.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
(616) 949-4170
click here for a map 
4:45 - 7:00 p.m.
Date of visit: March 6, 2009, around 5:30 p.m.
Parking: right next to entrance
Accessibility: easy; no steps to negotiate
Cost: $8.00, adults
$7.00, seniors (55 and up)
$4.50, children
$4.00, pizza
Wait: none
Tables: round tables with chairs
Gambling opportunities: none
  • the maiden voyage into the world of lenten fish fries for yet another member of our party
  • venue was uncrowded; plenty of room to maneuver around the tables
  • round tables and chairs were pleasant
  • nice dessert assortment
According to one of our sources, St. Paul has been doing fish fries for a few years but hasn't built up the following enjoyed  by some of the longer-running venues. We decided to give it a try.
Things got off to a bit of a shaky start. First, when your correspondent was purchasing tickets, she was asked if she was 55. Yes, I am over 55, but do I look it? Apparently. Well, I took advantage of the discount and purchased a "senior" ticket. Yikes.

What was more of a dilemma, though, was after paying for the tickets noticing the sign that the proceeds of the dinner were going to Right to Life. Yours truly, as are most other members of our group, believers in Right to Choice. It was a quandary with which I still struggle. Perhaps some supports of RTL have inadvertently supported pro-choice groups. I can only hope.

Anyway, the menu included baked, fried, and extremely fried fish, fried French fries and baked French fries (how can they be French fries if they're not fried?), cole slaw, apple sauce, lettuce salad, and rolls. A lemonade-like beverage, water, and coffee were available; our beverages of choice were St. Pauli Girl (of course) and Founder's Centennial Ale. A nice assortment of home made desserts were offered for donations (50 cents each).

The consensus was that the baked was better than the fried and extremely fried fish (which resembled those pig ears chews for dogs), although one of our party felt the breading for the baked fish was a little greasy. A grown up,  Spartan Girl, took care of our table (#19); we missed the interaction with the young people that we've had at other fish fries. Seemed the kids at this event were relegated to pouring beverages and staffing the dessert table. 

Another disappointment was the lack of decoration. The room was completely void of any adornment, Catholic or otherwise.

We had an all time attendance high, 15, for this fish fry, which made it especially fun.

Would we return? Possibly, but not likely. As it's been stated  before -- so many fish to fry ....

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